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Does a power strip protect my computer?

In a word: No.

If you have a desktop computer, including servers, you should be plugged into a UPS (also known as an “uninterruptible power source”) A UPS puts a battery between you and the wall outlet, stabilizing power. It would be ideal to also plug in a laptop to it, but less necessary as most more or less stabilize the power with their internal battery.

Most UPS units have plugs that draw against the battery, and plugs that are just pass-thrus to the wall. Make sure your desktop/server is plugged into the battery side. We recommend plugging things with motors on it (printers mostly) to the non-battery outlet on the UPS.

The UPS has an internal battery that will need to be replaced, probably after 2-3 years.

And please… don’t plug in a power strip into a UPS, it negates the money you just spent on it!